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October 21, 2011

HIII blogosphere! I’ve missed youuuu!

It’s been a crazy fall season so far in my non-tennis life! I’m back to work, attending weddings, drinking cider, picking apples, and basically spending a lot of nerdy time outdoors admiring foliage.

love you, autumn

But all the autumnal greatness cannot completely distract from TENNIS! I’ve decided to start a “WILD ABOUT …” trend on FourHands where I can share something I’m currently obsessed with…which is usually a lot of things, but I’ll try to simplify. 🙂

So, here goes.

1. I’m currently wild about … All things ANDY MURRAY! And not only because he’s been kicking butt and taking names (okay, well, kind of) on the tennis court. (But YAY ANDY for winning titles back-to-back-to-back in Bangkok, Tokyo, and Shanghai! I’m impressed. The shots weren’t always pretty but somehow it worked. And I’m ALMOST ready to believe (again) that you can (maybe someday) win a Grand Slam. Almost. Possibly. We’ll see.) It’s also not just because he recently overtook Federer as WORLD #3 and has the chance to finish the year with his highest ranking in quite some time. The thing that I’m really loving about Andy is that he somehow attributes all this recent success to a lack of …. Tweeting? You betcha. He recently made some comments about how his refusal of those pesky little 140-characters may be helping his game. He hasn’t tweeted in over a month (since the day after he lost to Rafa at the USO), and since then he’s won …………. three titles. And a doubles title with this bro. And jumped up a ranking. Hard to see past his reasoning, right? I should also mention that I love/totally succumb to superstitions myself, so I fully support you, Muzz. And while his Twitter account has been quiet, his Facebook page has been SERIOUSLY HOPPING. Pictures, articles, statuses, you name it. So his tennis game hates Twitter but loves Facebook? 😉 #tennislogic #justgowithit

Happy Andy is the best! (AP Photo via Daylife)
2. I can’t get enough of this sexy mexy Rafa Armani vid!! Even though I totally feel uncomf when I see Rafa do anything that doesn’t involve a tennis racket (it’s just that I have a lot of cognitive dissonance and get nervous laughter when I see him wearing jeans/kissing Shakira/drinking mocktails), how can you not love Rafa in his undies in an elevator trying to escape God knows what? Was it Djokovic chasing him? #reallifenightmare Anyway, put Tennis Rafa aside and enjoy this ‘I’m so beautiful that someone is trying to kill me’ Rafa. 😉



3. I’m wild about … how I found Rafa’s book in the bestseller section in an urban Philly library! It totally made me giggle because a) I’m pretty sure most people in Philly have no idea who Rafa is and b) the book is like brand spankin’ new. Totally looks untouched. I rented it out, even though I have my own (signed) copy. I couldn’t just let the little book sit there! Plus, after Rafa signed my copy, I refused to break the spine and finish reading it. #nerd. So, happy reading to me!

Awwwwwwwwwww shucks.



4. In an updated Petkorazzi vid, we all fall a little more in love Andrea Petkovic. She. Is. Amazing. Please watch for cameos from the Backstreet Boys and Feliciano Lopez. I love seeing what tennis players do behind the scenes. #theysocrazyyy


Speaking of Petko, my favorite tweet of the week comes from none other than my dream BFF, Judy Murray, in reaction to Petko’s video:

judmoo judy murray @andreapetkovic the end was the best 🙂 Soooo funny. U need to give Feli some acting lessons and scarf advice. But jealous. Obviously. 🙂



6. In non-tennis news, I’m TOTALLY WILD about this song and this band. If anyone in Iceland reads this blog, please send us the cd. 🙂

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